The intersections between autobiography and fiction appear as the central axis of the group show "Crash", hosted within the Zip'Up program. At the invitation of curator Fernanda Medeiros and artist Romy Pocztaruk, emerging artists Camila Svenson, Enantios Dromos, Henrique Fagundes and Pedro Ferreira occupy the upper floor of the Zipper Gallery with works that depart from the artists' own universes in order to create fictional narratives with elements of their own visual and affective repertoires.

On the opening day of the exhibition – June 15 –, the artist Henrique Fagundes will present the performance "Cinema Transcendental". The work is a video based on sound and visual collages, controlled and performed live: an audio-visual painting that is constructed through layers of information superimposed on a fissured and dense narrative, formed by sequences of videos taken from the Internet, remixed and mixed with themes of geometric figures from raves with the sounds of gunshots.

On the other hand, Camila Svenson presents the photography and video series "Earth that ends" (2019). This is a fictional city, conceived and revisited by the artist. "I make sporadic expeditions to this unnamed territory, inventing a waiting space and false lull, where the only existing clock inhabits the dark room of a wooded house. A rope watch, which insistently plays the 12 gongs ever since it knows it's a clock – insisting on an obsolete activity. Something is wrong but nobody can explain what it is," writes the artist about her series. Pedro Ferreira exhibits a photographic series that articulates itself in the power of abstract and subconscious visual discourse, tracing new guidelines for out-dated technologies in his search. And, finally, Enantios Dromos shows photographs and VHS videos that reflect on the existential re-signification of the body through performances.

Conceived in 2011, one year after the creation of the Zipper Gallery, the Zip'Up program is an experimental project aimed at hosting new artists, emerging names not yet represented by galleries in São Paulo. The objective is to maintain an openness to various investigations and approaches, as well as to allow the exchange of experiences between artists, independent curators and the public, giving visibility to imminent or maturing talents. Through a permanent process, Zipper receives, selects, guides and hosts exhibition projects, which, over the last six years, totals more than forty exhibitions and about 60 artists and 20 curators who occupied the gallery's upper room.