Dorothy Circus Gallery London is proud to present to its British audience the solo show Lovers by the Mexican street artist Saner, aka Edgar Flores, exhibiting for the very first time in the UK.

Saner has gained international success thanks to his active role in the Mexican street culture and his participation in numerous projects across the globe. By questioning modern society, Saner’s art becomes universal and invites the viewers to improve themselves, both as an individual and as a society. Life appreciation for both the human life human beings the flora and fauna are a constant in the artist’s message.

Deeply influenced by pop art, graffiti, painting and illustration, Saner will fill the gallery walls with a brand new series of 10 paintings, acrylic on canvas. With a bright and colourful palette, Saner thoughtfully borrows and assimilates symbolic and iconographic elements from Mexican folklore and customs, to investigate on the universal theme of love.

A central element in his works are the masks that his characters always wear. These masks, borrowed from the Nahuale culture, and ancient indigenous tribe in Mexico, have become the artist’s signature style. “The masks are the transforming element of my characters, a spiritual link. These characters are shown with an acquired power thanks to the animal, shape or material they are made of”, explains Saner. Contrary to a first impressions, his characters do not intend to conceal anything from the viewer, rather the masks serve as a way to unveil the inner soul, emotions and desires of their characters.

Although subtle, the flora surrounding Saner’s subjects provides them with a sacred space, and remind us of the importance that nature has in our environment. Therefore, along with the animal spirit represented by the masks, we also see a natural spirit which protects the characters, symbolising the force of life, pervading the works with acute personal introspection. Combining a strong social interpretation with a surreal mood and a veil mood, the art of Saner poetically addresses themes and issues of personal, urban and environmental development. Once again, Saner will remind us that only with love and self-appreciation we will be able to overcome the violence and the eternal struggle that characterise our modern society.