Unit Uncovers marks the first in a series of dynamic exhibitions which aim to actively support the next generation of contemporary artists.Uncovers brings together the work of four talented young painters - Nettle Grellier, George Lloyd-Jones, Joshua Raz and Joey Yu, who, despite depicting their subjects in very different ways, are united in their vibrant approach to colour and pattern. Across the four distinct bodies of work, Uncovers explores themes of memory, relationships and the lived experience.

In a climate saturated with social media and relentless self-curation, Raz’s practice attempts to unpick the cult of individualism. His unique use of fractured perspective surface is reflective of his desire to question the reality of an increasingly artificial world. Similarly, Nettle’s subject matter is born from a desire to slow down our fast-paced lifestyle and highlight the importance of soft moments such as affectionate physical intimacy between friends.

George’s current body of work is largely the product of a period of bed-bound illness, and it therefore focuses on his immediate surroundings and patterns that in turn become tropes of his gentle pace of living and semi-conscious vision during this period. Joey's sporadic and joyful illustrations cast a unique and playful perspective on even the most mundane aspects of modern life. Frequently made on the move, her illustrations and paintings allude more to fuzzy memories of times gone by than realistic depictions of time and place.