Comprised of over fifty works, the exhibition includes a salon style hang presenting windows into different primordial eras, each depicting a world that occupies a liminal space between reality and fantasy. Inspired by both scientific and conspiracy theories as well as creation myths, Moreira probes the concept of life’s first appearance, its clumsy awakening and the context of its origin.

Working primarily with oil pastels and sticks on found & collaged cardboard food packages, Moreira’s images have a potent immediacy. He often shifts between representative elements and abstract patterns, regularly challenging our perception of scale with viewpoints drifting from submersion among atoms to expansive astrological planes.

There are countless cosmogonies, which over millennia seek to tell the story of the creation of the cosmos and within The Primordial Soup Shuffle these different beginnings are alluded to, woven together and made new. Moreira’s practice at large can be seen as an ongoing commentary and staging of events related to the human condition and here, he asks those eternal questions; where do we come from, what came before us, and who else is out there?