Nathan Wong creates pure geometric abstraction, with complementary and contrasting colors that emphasize the shifting perspectives and dimensions and clean lines of his paintings.

While there are qualities of optical illusions recalling childhood puzzles in his work, Wong’s sophisticated use of color and shape creates a deeper perspective. A graduate of Pacific Union College with a degree in fine art, Wong took a brief hiatus from his painting before returning to build a bold and exciting new body off work over the last several years.

To create his pieces, Wong begins with color, finding palettes that reflect balance and beauty, and then carefully measures out his canvas, using the accuracy of the mathematical geometry to create the precise shapes that make his work leap off the canvas. “I am not here to make you laugh or cry, or question your ideals, or challenge your ability to see what I see,” says the artist. “I paint things that are beautiful and precise.” Wong’s pieces are meditative, allowing the viewer to move into the space occupied by the geometric shapes, while the blocks of color both sooth and stimulate.