“Animal Instincts”, Kiptoe’s FIRST Solo Exhibition, showcases an array of paintings capturing the spirit of the Royal Lion, Dynamic Bird, Stubborn Tiger, Noble Horse, and more, combined with a Human Counterpart. The feeling of instinctual connective energy can bring us through our raw emotions to the deeper levels of what we really perceive.

This show is meant to break apart his mural work and his love for dynamic movement, color balance, and show the relationship between people and their spiritual connection to a more primal being. Kiptoe has proven over the last few years that the streets are his domain to create and explore the realities and fantasies of his imagination. Starting in South America in 2016, his love for travel, exploration, and mural painting have developed into a recognizable palette of color and movement. After several mural trips through Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Europe, his constant search for insight and new avenues has brought him to his next challenge: his first solo show.

You can expect to see several canvas works that take his experience on the street and translate that into solid standalone pieces that can be hung in your home. The energy captured by his rapid painting pace developed through murals can be felt on the canvas, as he mixes his favorite spray paint medium with more classic techniques in acrylic.

Video projections of the works being created will be played next to some of the works, along with a video collection of Kiptoe’s work around the world, including stop-motion animations and first-hand stories of the murals being created.