Dimora Artica presents Enigma, a solo exhibition by Iacopo Pesenti (Milan, 1990). The project combines a selection of recent works, characterized by a metaphysical atmosphere. In Pesenti's paintings, unknown or transfigured objects inhabit a space that, through openings and tubular shapes, seems to communicate with other dimensions.

As it proceeds, the flow of thought incessantly produces images, phantasmata that can dissolve into emptiness or persist in individual or collective memory, inscribing itself in it. The means of recording images and communicating them over time, which in the past were limited and not accessible to all, with the development of digital technology have been widespred in society, giving everyone the opportunity to produce and share compulsively personal contents. The collective imaginary has become a boundless deposit in which the images produced by each are poured, and in which the excessive overlap of contents completely saturates the horizon. In this context of visual overabundance, the ability to empty the mind beyond the ordinary conscience becomes fundamental, in order to reach a meditative condition and to access that obscure zone where thought and imagination originate.

In Pesenti’s research the dialectic between concrete expression and idealization is central, in an inner tension that opens gaps on an indecipherable elsewhere. The relationship between the evolution of things and the human ambition to freeze time in stable forms is expressed through a pictorial act stretched between freedom and discipline, between magmatic interior motion and definition of the shape. The mind processes that transform the flow of thoughts into sharper forms are transposed by Pesenti into paintings with a rarefied and enigmatic atmosphere, in which a lunar uneasiness with magical connotations is perceived. Pesenti’s mental space defines a world in which different space-time moments overlie and contaminate, like cel layers of a cartoon. The action becomes a form in tension, charged by the potential movement it contains. Instinctive and Dionysian gestures coagulate in the clarity of flat backgrounds, slight nuances and meticulous details, forming complex compositions in which, despite the underlying consistency, unpredictable and eccentric solutions emerge.

While in the Iperuranio series, developed between 2016 and 2018, it was perhaps more evident the coexistence in the same work of different possibilities of painting, in the new series of canvases, entitled Enigma, unknown or transfigured objects emerge in a blind space, a place of the mind dominated by a luminous and absolute green that brings us back to the absence of holds of a green screen. The subjects are represented as unstable materializations of thoughts that appear in the void, mental images that take shape due to an energy that temporarily stabilizes the shape. The pictorial representation is crossed by tubulars that seem to convey the vital energy of the imagination into paths with unpredictable branches. Continuing to the edges of the pictorial surface or dissolving into open gaps, the pipelines put in communication the scene depicted with other dark and obscure dimensions beyond that threshold that links the visible with the unknown.

The traditional characteristic of painting to approach the dimension of the spirit to reveal the invisible hidden among the folds of an already known reality, is confirmed by Pesenti stimulating the observers’ imagination with images that seem enigmas without solution. Going through the paintings between conduits, openings and objects that seem to come from another dimension, in a territory far from the prosaic nature of ordinary life, the observer's gaze can finally turn within himself, perhaps finding himself in the depths of a Great Pyramid.