Ingrid Donat was always creating, first during her studies at Paris École des Beaux Arts and later in life when she began making lamps as presents for friends and eventually created larger pieces of furniture for her home. As her children grew, a friend encouraged her to sell her pieces; it was the overwhelming response from this first sale that convinced her that she could turn this talent into a career.

Over these first three decades of her career Ingrid Donat committed herself to continuous technical improvement, material sourcing and historical research into the artists and designers who inspired her. Donat says of her creative process: “I envision my work as a ritual, a structured repetition in time and space from which an energy emanates. Matter, which I carve as one would practice automatic writing, becomes the substance that cements an unconscious belief.” This exhibition will show the variation in her sculptural designs and the wide range of materials and techniques that are employed in her oeuvre.

The exhibition is accompanied by a monograph dedicated to the artist’s work. Written by acclaimed decorative arts author Anne Bony with the input of renowned interior designer Peter Marino, the monograph takes a look at the last 30 years of the artist’s career and offers an analytical perspective of her body of work.