Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to announce its first exhibition of work by photographer Joe Rudko.

Photomontage would be the best technical description of Joe Rudko’s use of fragments of vintage photographs, but the effect he creates is so much more nuanced than splicing old images into new meanings.

From far away the work looks like an obscured, pixelated photograph. When moving closer, it becomes quickly apparent, that there is nothing remotely digital about these images.

Rudko works with found photographs that pre-date the digital era. Cutting these images into fragments, he then rearranges them systematically. The resulting montage entices the viewer to assemble the seemingly disparate visual fragments for themselves. It is as if Rudko is using them as tiny mirrors that reflect back on the viewer’s personal experience, linking past and present.

Joe Rudko lives and works in Seattle. He received his BFA in Photography and Drawing from the Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA in 2013. His work is in the permanent collection of the Portland Museum of Art.