GR gallery is pleased to present “Surface Fetish” a collaborative exhibition of new artworks by Dalek (James Marshall) and Buff Monster. These artists developed a most distinctive and iconic style in contemporary painting, and their works in various ways complement and contrast each other.

They will combine their works and visions is a captivating and goofy way, giving birth to a unique exhibition design that will immerse the visitors in a kaleidoscopic world, populated by funky characters and bright uncommon shapes. Referentially titled after the glossy-pop “LA look” style of the sixties, this show pushes beyond the boundaries their passion and care for details, a bright and trendy layout, and dreamy imagery. Both of these artists present us with cheerful, weird figures that open a dialogue on contemporary society and culture.

“Surface Fetish” puts together 30 pieces, including paintings, works on paper, site-specific installations, appositely conceived for this exhibition. On the day opening, will be release a new collaborative print, executed and signed by both artists. This exhibition is a sequel to Dalek and Buff Monster’s collaborative show “Spaced Out” held in early 2018.