Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Rippling Stone, a solo exhibition by Chinese-born, Berlin-based artist DALeast. Rippling Stone will be DALeast’s inaugural solo exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary. Rippling Stone is DALeast’s first exhibition on the east coast in over five years, in which he utilizes his signature fluid, organic lines to form sinuous creatures that leap and swirl across the plane.

DALeast spent years living nomadically and traveling the globe, after which he settled in Berlin. Many of the works in Rippling Stone are directly inspired by and reflect influences from these travels. DALeast utilizes acrylic paint and ink to create swirling ribbons of lines which are built up to create the animal figures. In addition to works on canvas, the artist will be exhibiting a series of ink and watercolor works on paper. These works depict a natural progression in DALeast’s process, capturing a frenetic sense of energy and portraying figures that appear to have been built up and arisen from that very energy. The animal figures seem to unravel yet merge all at the same time, appearing to be almost half mechanical. Neither from our universe, nor the past or future, they capture a sense of time gone by, belonging to no one.

About the exhibition and his inspiration for this latest body of work, the artist states, “I had a vision of a stream in the mountains that travels through different regions. Sometimes it crashes and merges with rocks, and sometimes it rests in the stillness, moving very slowly. A falling stone causes a rippling pattern, that pattern reflects, then it becomes indistinct whether the stream or the stone is rippling. The show represents a moment, so all the work echos with this idea.”