Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto will create Landscape of a Lifetime, a site-specific commissioned mural in the Museum’s first-level Concourse. Cinto will transform the Concourse hall with a 153-foot mural covering the walls and ceiling in 24 shades of blue, shifting from dark to light to give the impression of the transition from night to day. The walls will be completely decorated with intricate pen drawings of celestial elements such as stars and clouds. Low-level audio of sounds recorded by the artist (running water, rustling leaves, birds, etc.) will further enhance the artist’s exploration of life and natural cycles.

Sandra Cinto was born in Santo André, Brazil and studied art at the Faculdades Integradas Teresa D’Ávila. She currently lives and works in São Paulo. In addition to solo museum exhibitions in Brazil and Spain, she has been commissioned to create murals for institutions in Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Seattle, and Washington D.C.