UNA is pleased to present Naked Lunch Money solo show by Stefano Serretta and third appointment of the annual exhibition program at Spazio Leonardo, the new container of Leonardo Assicurazioni – Generali Milano Liberazione, inaugurated in 2018 in Milan.

The work of Stefano Serretta (1987, Genoa) is supported by a rigorous historical and analytical framework, which aims to highlight the fragile self-celebrating foundations of globalized capitalism and the communicative machine that regulates it, of which man is both the protagonist and victim. With an inquiring gaze, Serretta highlights the contradictions and schizophrenic aspects of our post-ideological present.

For Naked Lunch Money, the Spazio Leonardo gallery becomes the installation stage for a new series of works, developed starting from the on-going project Shanti Town, which implements an ever-evolving mapping of colossal unfinished or collapsed buildings under the weight of the systems they represent.

In Shanti Town, the silhouettes of these "architectural paradoxes" are the symbol of the ever-increasing clash between growing expectations and declining opportunities. They are drawings that take shape through an obsessive repetition of the writings and "magic formulas" of the neo-liberal economy, such as the motto too big to fail. Handwritten by the artist, the mantras become the warnings that, ironically, support and outline a show of rubble always poised between real and plausible.

This long series of architectural whims will outline an impossible skyline, establishing a reflection on abandonment, failure and the unfinished in our contemporary society.