In his art, French artist Henri Gueguen seeks to forge new ground in terms of visual structure, textural consistency, and diversity of materials. Working in a variety of media (from lacquer paint to ballpoint pens), Gueguen captures his subjects both in two dimensional and three dimensional contexts, masterfully combining rich colors, bold lines, a strong sense of light, and rhythmic compositions to create a distinct and original art form.

A central theme in Gueguen’s work is the “tall, slim lady,” both elegant and dynamic, which was inspired by his memories of his bigoudène grandmother wearing her traditional headdress. In his art, he likewise seeks to honor women of the twentieth century, both through portraitures of recognizable celebrities and in his more general celebrations of the joy and harmony of the female form. Above all, Gueguen’s passion reverberates through his paintings, bringing a depth of meaning and significance to each image. As he explains, “Painting is my effervescence, my creativity spilling over into physical form. Through my art, I share the emotion of my passion.”