Kate Oh Gallery is delighted to present ELEMENTALS, a solo exhibition featuring works by Ayhan Yavuz (Tresoea). Ayhan Yavuz considers his style of art a combination of Expressionism, Symbolism, Pointillism and Art Nouveau. His artwork, filled with beautiful faces, intricate patterns, and hidden images, is done in acrylic paint. Yavuz considers himself a spiritual being. He likes the idea of bringing beauty, peace, joy, and harmony into the world. It is important for him to remain connected to his heart, as he believes that creating a beautiful piece of art is a way of giving back to life.

To channel the energy from the subjects of his paintings, Yavuz communicates with his pieces during the creation process. Yavuz, paying close attention to what his subjects are willing to reveal, does not stand in the way of how his artwork chooses to come to life. Those who have

seen Yavuz’s art have expressed with such sincerity that his paintings contain fantastic energy, as if they truly are alive and interactive. The details of his pieces have even caused some to mistake them for meticulously crafted fabrics. The collectors of his paintings are delightfully surprised as they continue to come across hidden images within the patterns Yavuz has painted.

Yavuz gets his inspiration from anything he is lucky enough to experience. His profound connection to the spiritual realm allows him to have vivid dreams, those which contain breathtaking creatures and beings who want to express their knowledge and energy. These dreams have been with Yavuz since his early childhood, founding and developing his imagination, and have since guided him to share his creativity through art. Perception is the foundation of the intricacy of Yavuz’s work. Each piece is a monument to his love of working with patterns, symmetry, and unity among colors. Yavuz’s pieces find a way to connect with all who view them. Regardless of cultural differences, one will always find harmony, peace, and joy in the beauty of Yavuz’s work that takes them out of their ordinary, and shows them something extraordinary.