Since its inception, Sexy Xmas, an annual exhibition conceived by gallerist Alice Lodge, has been a bulwark against saccharine seasonal cheer. When the elves came out, Lodge would inevitably fall into something of a seasonal torpor so she decided to do something about it. The result was an anti-Christmas exhibition cheekily dubbed Sexy Christmas. Come all ye unfaithful, if you will.

Now in its third year, Sexy Xmas III builds on that original vision. This year’s extravaganza touches down in Hollywood with a stellar lineup of artists, all of whom have added to their own personal imprimatur to the subject. Visitors to the exhibition will be immersed in works - including painting, photography, mixed media installation and illustration - that, in their own way, reference the holidays and all the joys, cheer and utter hell they can bring.

The third extravaganza touches down at The Lodge on November 23rd with a group of 20 artists, many of them local. Sexy Xmas III features Brian Calvin, Konstantin Kakanias, Elizabeth Huey, Amber Wallis, Simon Haas, Julio Panisello-Huguet, Pia Pack, LG Williams and the Estate of LG Williams, Victoria Morris, Carl Hopgood, Nils Benson, Aubrey Longley Cook, Robbie Simon, Helen Frankenthaler, Lucio Fontana, Kitty Brophy, Lola Schnabel, Steven Wong, Toby Mott and Greg Smith.