Kate Oh Gallery is delighted to present its first show of 2020, “Emptying and Filling”, a special solo exhibition by Kwan Jin Oh. Mr. Oh is a well-renowned artist based in Korea known for his moon jar paintings. The exhibition will feature the artist’s unique practice that reinterprets the Korean art genre by combining shading with realistic expressionism.

Instead of using ink, the artist applies a cutting and pasting technique to create vivid images and merges the ceramic inlay method to deliver maximum dimensional aspects to viewers. Mr. Oh explores the beauty and vitality of porcelain, including the form and sense of the subject matter, with excellent photo-quality expressions.

A moon jar is meticulously and realistically rendered on a white background consisting of ultimate lifelike details such as marks and cracks outlining the rim as a result of the fateful resistance against fire. The background also depicts a surrealistic world featuring flower blossoms and cherry tumbles. The painting is a reflection of the artist’s metaphor as he struggles to extend his art into a new dimension that travels between oriental and western art.

Mr. Oh earned his BFA at Hongik University and MFA at Dong Guk University in South Korea. He participated in over 30 solo exhibitions and major group shows. Mr. Oh has exhibited his work at the Jang Eun Sun Gallery; HANWONMUSEUM; ARTO Art fair CENTUM HOTEL; Maekyung Media Center; Myungdong Gallery; The Shrine of Art (4 times); Dan Won Art Gallery; Paris La Defense; Japan Dong Hwa Ji Gallery; Jong- roGallery (2 times); La Mer Gallery; Kwan Hun Gallery; Han Seon Gallery; Municipal GongPyung Art Gallery; and the Byuk Gang Gallery. His awards and grants include the Special Prize at Korea Grand Art Fair; Award for excellence at Korea Grand Art Fair; Grand Prize at Asia Grand Art Fair; and the Grand Prize at KyungHyang Housing Art Fair. He has also won awards at international art fairs in Japan and Russia. Mr. Oh has also conducted lectures at Hongik University, Dae Jin University, Cheong Kang University, Chang Won University, Shin Hung University, Hoseo University, Kyung Min University, Baek Seok University. Currently, he serves as a member of the Korea Art Association and Korea Character Designers Association, Councilor of PISA international animation, Director of International Art Exchange, and Chief of Korean Art at GyeWon Art High School.