Inspired by Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, Sower brings together ten artists working with themes of abstraction, migration, and the fragmented body. In Butler's science fiction classic, she predicts a dystopian future fueled by a deteriorating climate where uncontrollable fires, inequality and gated communities cause untold chaos.

The protagonist, Lauren Olamina, is a teenager forced to migrate and in the process forges a new religion centered on the idea that "God is Change". Parable of the Sower feels especially prescient to our times and brings out urgent notions of resistance in the works of the artists in the show. How to resist the rise of totalitarianism? How to reveal the precariousness of our communities? How to share in our individual struggles? The book posits a not too distant future (2024) where walls are an instrument of police states struggling to sustain a broken earth in another prophetic parallel to our current times.

In Sower, works push back against this impulse to alienate and keep out; abstraction becomes a counterpoint to fixity.