The Format - Contemporary Culture Gallery is pleased to present "Unpredictable trees", a first solo show in Milan, of Barbara Nati, curated by Massimo Sgroi.

Six prints that form part of the artist’s recent collection will be unveiled in Milan for the first time.

With digital montage techniques and reference to 19th century’s painting, Barbara Nati’s new work gathers layers of meaning that can be traced to deeply-seated collective memory.

Even though these layers allude to the realm of physical experience, they diverge from tangible reality into the realm of the enigmatic. Perception shift within the representational dimension, where, according to the Mad Hatter, all entities are fake and at the same time, real.

It’s a reimagining of the quintessential language of images where meaning has been deconstructed. Nati has created of her own world, using her unique vision to construct a new anthropology of mankind. It’s a dream/nightmare where memory overlaps in a macrocosm where the difference between object and observer is flattened.

The result is a alternative world, a world where we lost control. Nati’s watchtower/ trees offer a thrill of disorientation.

Somewhere between living organisms and ruins of a built society, these hybrid structures set themselves in the realm of physical things, remembrance, as well as ethereal simulation of electronic flows.

In her images, Nati settles the conflict between body and spirit, thought and matter, subject and object and the struggle between the common meaning of life and its continuum across social interaction. Tied to memories, the crumbling buildings remind us of the possibility of living as a collective, sharing experience, rather than as individuals, isolated, struggling, alone.

The most astounding feature in all of Nati’s artistic production, particularly in the latest body of work, is the presence of unfamiliar elements created through the juxtaposition of ordinary details.

Her work bestows a cultural depth to a realm where common, everyday experience finds new meaning in a deeply psychological, fantastical world of the artist’s imagination.

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