What would be left of dignity, peace and comfort in life if some malicious little fairy were to wave a wand that caused all the doors in all our homes suddenly to disappear! Can one picture this desolate doorless world, every sound, motion and odor shared by the entire household, and all sorrows and joys public property! The very elements of the most exquisite phases of modern civilization would promptly disintegrate.

Consider What the Interior Door Contributes to the Comfort, Peace and Dignity of the House.

(Mary Fanton Roberts, House & Garden, October 1922)

We wonder, what do we reveal when the doors disappear? When we’re left holding out the artifacts of ourselves to be examined, do we recognize what lies in the palms of others? Idiosyncrasies and nuanced universalities reveal themselves; a consideration of the humanity we create, confront, and coddle.

Featuring eight contemporary painters, the exhibition explores the intimate and uncanny aspects of our quotidian environments.

Works on view by: Henri Paul Broyard, Carlo D’Anselmi, Madeline Donahue, Hilary Doyle, Hank Ehrenfried, Emilia Olsen, Rachel Rickert, & Michael Craig Tracy.