Karen Gibbon’s work is inspired by Nature and combines photography, drawing, collage and painting. Gibbons says “Listening to material and form speak for themselves is a very powerful language for me.” Her work is pared to its essence but reverberates with the full, complex, spectrum of life. Her process is unified by a gestural line or expressive brushwork. Autobiographical in content, these works resonate beyond self portraiture and channel universal experience.

Gail Flanery is a printmaker whose inspiration has always come from nature. She often combines collage, chine collé, and drawing in her prints and is here focusing on exploring diverse compositional possibilities. Her choice of the color palette is often the first consideration in composing a piece.

Photography is often thought of as a medium that describes things but David Stock’s photographs go beyond simple description. Shot on sight with no physical intervention other than the artist’s eye, his photographs frame a staged moment in time. They assemble visual material from the urban environment to construct highly intentional images that stand on their own as graphic objects and cultural metaphors.