Cadogan Contemporary is delighted to present Invisible Subjects, a group exhibition that brings together new work by Kim Bartelt, Tycjan Knut and LRNCE.

The exhibition explores the idea of paintings as objects, presenting three distinct approaches to abstract painting. The artists are unified via a shared emphasis on taking their painting into the third dimension, beyond colour and composition into structural and physical relationships.

An interest in tactility and surface is also evident throughout the exhibition, from Kim Bartelt’s embedded layers of coloured paper to LRNCE’s oil stick on embroidered hand-woven fabric and the contrasting textures of Tycjan Knut’s acrylic paint and marble dust on canvas and hand-constructed wooden frames.

Tycjan Knut’s overlapping layers of muted colour, have an effect that verges on optical illusion. By building up intersecting layers of muted colour, he creates subtle tonal differences that trick the eye into perceiving new depths of these already highly structural objects. Knut is meticulous in the development of every physical element of the painting. This includes adding specific types of dust to texture small areas within work and sourcing particular types of wood from which he hand builds and finishes the frames as an equally important aspect of the overall construction.

Berlin-based Kim Bartelt trained in painting yet abandoned the medium in favour of an almost clandestine use of three-dimensional elements in her compositions. In her first London exhibition, Bartelt’s paper paintings reflect the meditative aspect of her focused practice, in which she pastes, layers of found paper that she has painstakingly collected over many years. The idiosyncrasies of each piece of tissue - creases, folds, a raw edge here or there - offers new inspiration and to a degree, predetermines the outcome of the final piece, removing an element of control from the artist. These found fragments allude to their past applications, bringing residual backstories together into a new unified whole and belying the seemingly solid minimalism of the overall composition.

In her first ever gallery presentation of her paintings and ceramics, LRNCE brings the familiar sensibility of her renowned design brand that has earned her a name amongst leading fashion, interiors and product designers.

Her naive, indeterminate lines are balanced by an effortlessly refined sense for composition. Painted in oil and embroidered with wool onto organic cotton and burlap canvas, the artist’s paintings and drawings were the genesis of her work in ceramics and designed items. For LRNCE the boundaries are almost indistinguishable, a painting may inspire the creation of a domestic object and so on and so forth, leading to an endless lineage of creative potential. All of which, created to be lived with and appreciated increasingly more each day.

The exhibition takes its title from the almost imperceptible details and structural elements in the works, which reveal their true nature gradually through attention and contemplation. Each artist addresses this passing of time, offering layers of aesthetic appreciation from the immediate to revelatory.

Kim Bartelt was born in Berlin, Germany. She studied art history in Paris, then painting at the Parsons School of Design in New York where she concluded with the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 1998. She has been living and working in Berlin since 2003. Her work has been shown at the Villa d’Este, Como, Italy, Women Made Gallery, Chicago, Galerie Lacke & Farben, Berliner Liste, Berlin, Starke Foundation, Berlin. Warbling Collective, London and Amélie, Maison d’art, Paris.

Tycjan Knut is a London-based painter from Warsaw, Poland. He got his PHD in fine art and painting from and has particular historical interest in early and mid century geometric abstract art. Having exhibited in multiple exhibitions in institutions and private galleries in Poland, Knut recently relocated his studio to London, where he also teaches art history and fine art.

Laurence Leenaert was born in Kortrijk, Belgium 1989 and studied Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. After an internship at Bless, Berlin she launched her own design studio label, LRNCE in 2013 in response to fast fashion and short-lived seasons. She quickly became a sought after in high-end outlets such as Conran Shop, Picasso Museum and Le Bon Marche Paris. In 2015 she relocated her studio from Ghent, Belgium to Marrakech, Morocco, where she was able to further develop her practice working with local materials such as wool, clay, leather and wood.