Good Morning, America is an ongoing 10-year project by photographer Mark Power, creating a visual narrative of a country in the midst of change. It is a personal and timely exploration of both the American cultural and physical landscape, and the divergence of reality and myth. This exhibition, coinciding with the start of a momentous year in US politics, will look back at a selection of images which have defined and shaped the project so far.

Power is from a generation who grew up in the English suburbs of the 1960s, enchanted by the TV shows which crossed the Atlantic from the US - a form of cultural imperialism – and in particular the allure and myth of the western. When he began photographing in the US, Power subconsciously began searching for this mythical landscape – one which perhaps never existed at all. Combined with Power’s outlook as an outsider – a foreigner, travelling to and from the country – this photographic survey presents a unique and shifting perspective on this complicated period in America’s history.

The seeds of Power’s ambitious project began in 2012 when he became involved in the ‘Postcards from America’ initiative, but he had larger aspirations for the scope and longevity of his work in the US. Good Morning, America will become a series of five books, the third of which will be published in the autumn of 2020 by GOST Books.