Between the Mountains brings together contemporary artists who depict Chinese landscapes through the medium of ink. For the past two thousand years, ink has been the predominant medium in Chinese art and calligraphy. The Chinese word for landscape, shanshui (山 水), can be literally translated as “mountain-water.”

Between the Mountains explores the way a selection of contemporary Chinese artists investigates the enduring concerns and symbols of shanshui (mountain-water landscapes), while also engaging with urgent contemporary issues such as increased urbanization, globalization, climate change, and the role of culture and tradition in the modern world. Between the Mountains is the capstone project for Serena Hildebrandt ’20, the 2018–19 Carole Marchand ’57 Endowed Intern.

The internship is a yearlong opportunity to introduce a Skidmore junior to post-graduate life by providing academic and practical experience in one or more areas of museum work during the junior year as well as the summer term.