‘Artists Who…’ are a collective of seven diverse London based artists that formed in January 2013 to exhibit their work together as a means to create alternative channels to artistic expression. Their unique fusion of contrasting influences, styles and media result in a compelling showcase of modern art.

The new collective is launching a rolling tour of distinctive artwork at exhibitions across the capital and beyond starting with: “Series Zero” by 'Artists Who...'. Curated by Gabriel Parfitt

Artists Involved:

Vivienne Hollis : With a dazzling abundance of microscopic patterned detail, Vivienne's paintings reveal a multitude of concentric circles. Each circle contains a nucleus; a clue about the story.

Zoë Landau Konson : Growing up in a creative refugee family, Zoë's work is generated by a fascination with cultural memory and hereditary narrative. With poetic execution, Zoë's sculptures, made from crochet, hair or textiles communicate the unspoken; the stories that have yet to be told.

Leslie Wilson Rutterford : Born in Denver, Colorado to artist parents, Leslie emigrated to London in 1981. Enthused by her multifarious interests, observations and experiences, Leslie explores personal and shared histories through embroidered textiles and bookworks.

Tony Scrivener : The beauty of London, its inhabitants past and present, fuel the basis of Tony's work. Through his paintings he brings to life the faded, over-looked and unknown aspects of London, with a need to resurrect.

Helena Carrizosa : Helena is a Colombian born conceptual fashion designer and artist. With eloquence and enquiry, Helena explores the deeper facets of individuality through her uniquely tailored garments, paintings and drawings.

Beverley Isaacs : Beverley's works represent her curiosity and desire to spontaneously capture movement, sentiment and the energy of the subject or objects found. She has experimented with, and studied various mediums including animation, assemblage, painting, drawing and photography.

Michael Young : Media veteran explores 21st Century digital possibilities of circumstance and moments captured on film and video, around the role of photography in the search for identity.