Bestiary is Catrin Howell's first solo show at The Scottish Gallery.

Catrin Howell creates animal forms founded on legend, myth and fantasy. She is renowned for her portrayal of creatures that capture the imagination. A farmer's daughter, based in rural west Wales, Catrin's ceramic animals command dignity and respect, whether created as solo figures or arranged more formally in groups.

Early in her career, Catrin had a piece of work purchased for the internationally reputed Ceramic Collection in Aberystwyth, Wales. Her work is now found in collections across Europe and the UK, including Prague’s Museum of Decorative Arts, and the International Ceramics Studio Collection in Kecskemet, Hungary.

Having graduated from the University of Wolverhampton and later the Royal College of Art in London, Catrin has won several awards for her work including a Fletcher Challenge Merit Award, New Zealand (1994) and the craft Gold Medal at the National Eisteddfod (1999). In 2007, she was approached by the Clay Studio, Philadelphia and was invited for a two month residency beginning September 2007.