Faces and names, I wish they were the same Faces and names only cause trouble for me Faces and names If we all looked the same and we all had the same name I wouldn't be jealous of you or you jealous of me Faces and names I always fall in love with someone who looks the way I wish that I could be I'm always staring at someone who hurts And the one they hurt is me Faces and names, to me they're all the same If I looked like you and you looked like me There'd be less trouble you see Faces and names I wish they'd go away I'd disappear into that wall and never talk Faces and names I wish I was a robot or a machine Without a feeling or a thought People who want to meet the name I have Are always disappointed when they meet me Faces and names I wish they were the same Faces and names only cause problems for me Faces and names I'd rather be a hole in the wall - looking out on the other side I'd rather look and listen, listen and not talk To faces and names I had a breakdown when I was a kid I lost my hair when I was young If you dress older when you are not, as you really age you look the same If we all looked the same, we wouldn't play these games Me dressing for you and you dressing for me - undressing for me Faces and names if they all were the same You wouldn't be jealous of me or me jealous of you Me jealous of you - I'm jealous of you Your face and your name Your face and your name Faces and names

(John Cale / Lou Reed, 1990)

Faces and Names is a group show juxtaposing portrait works of different media, including drawings, collages, photographs, paintings and one sculpture.

On display are portraits of friends and family members (Tamina Amadyar, Aïda Ruilova, Lucy McKenzie), portraits of celebrities from showbiz and politics (Erik van Lieshout, Roman März, Yves Scherer), self-portraits of artists (Jürgen Klauke, Bjarne Melgaard), portraits of fictional figures, surreal as well as digital imaginations (Thomas Helbig, Andy Hope 1930, Markus Selg), plus - last but not least – some rather conceptual variations of this traditional and still popular genre of the visual arts (Erwin Kneihsl, Jasmin Werner, Thomas Zipp), which has become even more topical again in times when we meet each other more often in the form of moving profile pictures on computer screens than we actually face each other in person.