Steve Turner is pleased to present Kill Your Captors, a solo exhibition by Hannah Epstein which features new hooked rugs, most of which she created after moving into an 1886 church in Mahone Bay, a small town one hour from Halifax.

The hysteria of 2020 and the meme culture that ensued are depicted in the works on one wall while the wall opposite it displays a group of feline monsters bearing sharp teeth that are eagerly looking on. The meme works relate to Cancel Culture, Elon Musk and Grimes, Xi Jinpeng’s China, sacred cows and hyperstimulation. On the center wall is a single large work, the artist’s largest to date, one that shows a torch- bearing nude woman astride a flying monster that is approaching another monster as though a battle is about to ensue. An erupting volcano is below and a colorful toothy sun is in the distance. The woman is ready and able. Look out below.

Hannah Epstein earned a BA from Memorial University of Newfoundland (2009) and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon (2017). She has had solo exhibitions at HUB Gallery, Pennsylvania State University (2019); Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto (2019) and Steve Turner, Los Angeles (2018, 2019 & 2020) as well as group exhibitions at Long Beach Museum of Art (2019); San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles (2019) and The Rooms, St. Johns, Newfoundland (2019). This is Epstein’s fourth solo exhibition at Steve Turner.