Art and Toys exhibit at P.S.H Projects lies in works by artists who trace their origins back to street art and ‘Pop Surrealism’. One characteristic shared by all the works is the close link between art and the everyday, as well as their often playful and humorous or subversive character.

The world of toys is full of plastic and vinyl. The figurines are detailed miniature sculptures that have variously emerged from the imaginations of contemporary urban artists and designers, or from Fairy tales and Disney characters (Pinocchio, Popeye, Bob Sponge), the dream factory of the film industry (Batman, Superman and many others) or comics and manga. Many works in this exhibit are well known due to their presence in public spaces. Chanoir helped create a groundswell street art with his iconic ‘black Cat’. And SFZ, street art group from Hong Kong, attracted international attention to Wynwood Art District. Nina Dotti conceptualize a Supergirl becoming her own Superwoman a hero in the every day bases with all the additional tasks correspondent to the 21C given women a voice. Consuelo Castaneda and Carlos Zerpa are artist who have a major influence on this exhibit, with Popeye’s, Pinocchio’s, Micky’s, Betty Boop’s with their alienated images on wall papers, prints and paintings.

Paper planes of Joy and Blue y and Sonia Falcone’s balloons portraits gives a playful scene to the exhibition that includes a total of 50 works by 13 artists.

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