Peter Brown's latest solo exhibition presents his largest body of work to date: over 180 works capturing sights and streets from Cornwall to Rajasthan painted over the better part of two years.

A familiar sight on the streets of London and his hometown of Bath, Brown is often spotted relentlessly painting in any condition, and his technique and commitment to plein-air painting continues to draw comparisons with Constable. But above all, he shares this artist’s innate love for those everyday details most people overlook.

He paints outdoors because, as he says, this refreshes and invigorates him artistically, and like all great plein-air painters, he paints as a test of skill in how to spot and capture natural phenomena. But what sets his work apart is his ability to paint his chosen view in a way that allows the viewer to see things they might otherwise overlook. Moreover, his work makes people see things they might recognise, but had never really ‘seen’ before.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue, which includes Brown's working notes and travel diary.