Proud Camden is delighted to present Warhol’s Muse by David McCabe; a photographic diary charting the rise of Andy Warhol’s best known Superstar, Edie Sedgwick.

Having been invited by Andy Warhol to document life at The Factory between 1964 and 1965, David McCabe became part of the entourage and took over 2,500 photographs at The Factory and other locations around New York, capturing a pivotal moment in art history. The Factory was the meeting place for artists and musicians during the 1960s where a constant artistic dialogue would take place. While one person was making a silkscreen, somebody else would be filming a screen test. Every day there was something new. While working at The Factory, David witnessed Edie Sedgwick’s meteoric rise within the world of underground film that spilled over into the mainstream.

Warhol met Edie Sedgwick in 1964 and became infatuated with her. “One person fascinated me more than anybody I had ever known,” he said of her. “The fascination I experienced was probably very close to a certain kind of love.” He had a vision for Edie, in which she would become the Queen of The Factory. Edie made a small appearance in two of Warhol’s early films Vinyl and Horse. These brief appearances generated so much interest that Warhol decided to create a vehicle in which she could star. Several films were scripted for her, including Kitchen, Poor Little Rich Girl and most famously Beauty No2. “Edie and Andy”, the non-couple became the couple of the moment and were photographed everywhere together. Their relationship was exploitive on both sides. Edie had everything that Warhol wanted; the high society background, the money and the grace, while Warhol had what Edie craved – fame. Ultimately the relationship could not last and imploded within a year.

David McCabe’s photographs document one of the most tumultuous friendships of the 60s and give us unprecedented access to The Factory and captures Sedgwick’s transformation from private muse to world famous Factory star.

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  1. David McCabe, Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga in a limo, New York, May 1965, © David McCabe
  2. David McCabe, Larry Latreille and Edie Sedgwick dancing at the Factory, New York City, 1965, © David McCabe
  3. David McCabe, Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Gerard Malanga with entourage at David McCabe’s Studio, New York, Spring 1965, © David McCabe