Since Sveti Stefan is your birth place, let us start from this point. How much is Sveti Stefan an inspiration for you in life and work?
That little unique town in the sea has been ennobling me since I was born. Many people who live here are unaware of the beauty of this place. Something that has always fascinated me about Sveti Stefan is the harmony in life of the people who once lived here. All of them were like a big family, they lived together with livestock and were so strongly connected with nature. That is something that lacks in these times.

Sveti Stefan is my inspiration in two ways, aesthetically and spiritually. It is named after saint Sveti Stefan, so it has great spiritual energy and it is a center of spirituality of my people, Paštrovići.

When I was a child I used to draw and paint motifs of Sveti Stefan. It is an inspiration even today when I make mosaics since the town of Sveti Stefan is like a big mosaic made of houses.

Can you tell us more about your art of living?
For me, in life, everything is about creativity. The way you prepare food, the way you dress, communicate with people. My life motto is that everything we create and make in our life can be beautiful. No matter whether it is a house, garden, boat or painting, we should leave good things behind. One of the reasons I make mosaics is because mosaic is an eternal story, it lasts much more than human life, it can last for hundreds and thousands of years. Life is a mosaic as well. It is a great mosaic made of days, years, springs, summers, memories...

What about the art of cooking?
I enjoy cooking very much. Culinary tradition of my people Paštrovići has great influence on me as well as my mother’s cuisine, so I mostly make traditional recipes, domestic pasta Makarule, fish salad Bakalaj, risotto and fish in various ways. The most important thing in cooking is love. If something is made with love, even if it's only bread and cheese, it will be much tastier than going to a restaurant for a steak. Cooking is about giving, about sharing. It is God's thing, just giving someone to eat what you eat and have prepared with love. This love for cooking inspired me to open a restaurant in Sveti Stefan called Famelja Kentera.

You have mentioned your restaurant, what else did you do earlier in life before focusing on mosaics?
When I do something I am completely focused on that. When I was young I used to play tennis and I managed a tennis school for children. When I reached my limits in this area I focused on hospitality, and opened my restaurant Famelja Kentera. I was involved in every part of creating this place, from interior design to making the menu, through what I was expressing my artistic aspirations. All this led me to the mosaics I am completely focused on for more than 7 years.

You haven’t mentioned fishing part?
Yes, of course, that is an inseparable part of my life. I am shore-man, love for the sea and fishing is in my blood. When fishing I look for the two things, fish for cooking and rocks for my mosaics.

For the end, can you tell us about your current work and plans for the future?
My last exhibition was named ’Neverin’ after its main piece where I wanted to show the chaos and unfaith of the present times through storm and waves. There are several themes in this exhibition. One focus is on spirituality. I presented Orthodox saints and one of the most important spiritual centers of the Orthodox people monastery Ostrog. Other works are dedicated to my closest, my children and to lady who taught me a lot. But still, I can say my main inspiration is a beautiful woman, mermaid. For the future my plan is to focus more on the abstracts through maritime motifs, seashells, seahorses, but there will be landscapes presented as well.

In the end of this interview I have a message for everyone. The day will come when all of us will be together on the other world, so why not be together in this world, why not be friends and help each other. Love for the people is very important. It is a crucial thing in life.