JD Malat Gallery is pleased to present its ‘Summer Exhibition 2021’ featuring works by Anotherview, Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, Petra Cortright, Ian Cumberland, Katrin Fridriks, Wesley George, Georg Óskar Giannakoudakis, Conrad Jon Godly, Andrew Litten, Andy Moses, Ed Moses, Masayoshi Nojo, Anne-Sophie Ogaard, Luis Olaso, Santiago Parra, Darren Reid, Hande Şekerciler, Mio Yamato and Zümrütoğlu.

The theme of nature features prominently in the ‘Summer Exhibition 2021’. The abstract Californian landscapes of Andy Moses complement the energetic canvases of Katrin Fridriks’ native Iceland, whilst Conrad Jon Godly’s iconic mountains are displayed alongside Mio Yamato and Masayoshi Nojo’s abstract renditions of nature. The group exhibition also features two new still lifes by Irish artist Ian Cumberland which contrast starkly with Petra Cortright’s flower series. The ‘Summer Exhibition 2021’ will also include a new cityscape by British artist Darren Reid as well as work by the leading American West Coat painter Ed Moses (1926–2018).

Andrew Litten’s psychologically wrought canvases feature alongside Hande Şekerciler’s figurative sculptures and Georg Óskar Giannakoudakis’s paintings offer an insight into the artist’s observations of the lived and built environment.

Two new paintings by Colombian abstract artist Santiago Parra will be on display to parallel with the artist’s solo exhibition ‘Black Matter’.