Greene Naftali is pleased to announce an exhibition by Scottish artist Michael Fullerton. This will be his second solo show at the gallery, and his first solo presentation in New York since 2006. Known for his penetrating investigations into the transmission and reception of information, Fullerton’s multifaceted art practice includes installation, screen prints, wall text, and classical oil portraits in the style of 18th century painter Thomas Gainsborough. For this exhibition, the artist examines the social and political relevance of art through various media and their relationships to high technology, creating networked systems to critique institutional frameworks. Representations of contemporary and historical figures involved in the politically charged terrains of media, technology, and justice will be on view: for example new media internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom—currently being charged with internet piracy—and old media giant Samuel Goldwyn, the founder of MGM (previously Goldwyn pictures). These paintings highlight the role aesthetic representation plays in affirming power structures in a media-saturated economy, while installation elements—such as a laser beam situated in the gallery—complicate these narratives and heighten our bodily awareness.