Erarta Galleries New York presents an exhibition capturing selected works by Russia’s contemporary artists in the spirit of Sochi Winter 2014 Olympic games. The collected work of artists who have arrived to participate “Olympic Selection” include: Aleksandr Korolev, Pavel Belyaev, Andrey Chezhin, Vladimir Aksenov, Anatoly Basin and Aleksandr Podobed. Each one of these masterpieces provides an artistic, painterly tangent parallel to the energetic momentum of the Olympic games.

This year the slogan for the Sochi Olympics is tailored to encompass the international spirit of the games. Hot. Cool. Erarta Art. Yours. showcases an alluring perspective of the artistic culture of contemporary Russia at a time of international exposure promoted by the Sochi Olympic games.

Opening on February 5, 2014, two days before the torch lighting ceremony, Erarta Galleries will celebrate with an event of Olympic sized creative energy sponsored by Russian cultural affiliates. The message of the Erarta project is brought to you through our interpretation of the slogan. Erarta Hot represents the fiery passions of our artists. Cool is the culture of Erarta on trends with contemporary style. Yours gives back to the supporters of Erarta through our dedication to discovering art for you. 

Gallery participants are invited to play and will take on the active role of the spectators and judges. We will encourage visitors to award Bronze, Silver and Gold “medals” to Erarta’s Olympic paintings, ranking them similarly to the games taking place in Russia. At this time, the most elite competitors will be facing each other in full color, form and style with hopes of achieving gold. The gold painting’s winnings will be revealed.

The confluence of visual culture and Sochi Olympic momentum aims to invigorate and inspire New York with a fresh perspective of contemporary Russian culture. Sochi 2014 is the year for Russian Olympic events, and the year for contemporary Russian art to compete for and bring home the gold.

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  1. Aleksandr Korolev, Sitting Winter
  2. Andrey Chezhin, New York. Edition 1/16, 2007, Silkscreen on paper
  3. Anatoly Basin, Sitting, 2010, Oil on canvas
  4. Aleksandr Korolev, Girl with Knees, 2011, Oil on canvas
  5. Belyaev, Bluewinter, Oil on canvas
  6. Vladimir Aksenov, Evening 1, Oil on canvas