5th Base are delighted to host Gallerist Jean Pierre Lorriaux's exhibition of emerging young French artists. Jean Pierre brings artists from his Paris-based Galerie Artitude to exhibit their works in London for the first time.

Exhibiting artists: Andreo-Wolf, Appix, Arts Yann, N. Beauvallet, R.Bentze, A. Boitel, C.Bouscayrol, C.Bussi, B.Castelin, M.Chardiny, C. Cornet-Patou, J. Decoux Bechaud, I.Delamarre, B.Delboulle, K. De Gendre , N.De Vos, M.Droux, J-C. Edouard, Erkol, J. Fenix, F. Figeac, A. Grazi, B.Hofmann, JB. Hueber, Ikiou, J-Y. Invernon, R.Jenneret, S. Lacroix, B. Lanteri, L. Lefi, Le Cristal, Lohmann, D. Luciak, Mabris, B. Mallet, M. Mathieu, Melou, C.Michaud, J.Michenet , D.Mignon, C.Miquel, J-Y Mokodopo, Mouillot-Gaultier, J-P.Mosca, T.Nemo, L. Pailler, PooKKY, JP. Privet, F. Rastoll, M. Saksik, E.Soulier, L. Stadler-Centonze, P. Taïeb, I. Théodor, X. Vanlaere, C.Verney, M.Verney, B. Krajewska.

Karel de Gendre: A photographer and painter for many years, Karel uses a range of media including computer graphics, photographs, graphic design, oil paint and acrylic. Karel studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, and started to draw from a very young age. In 2005 he began a series of paintings on the theme of passionate love, tender and quirky, like the artist. A multi-faceted artist who has exhibited in many shows.

Marie Chardiny: Born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1957, Marie Chardiny studied and traveled several times before settling in Belgium in 1980. She began studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels in 1981, graduating with honors in 1985.

Her paintings depict the absolute freedom and pleasure of daily life. Tremors, bursts of color, happiness, unforeseen paths, mind, eye and hand attentive to each other, all living in harmony and irreplaceable. Marie began to exhibit in Brussels and Versailles and in 1997 she was guest of honor at the Salon des Arts de Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres. In 2012 she received the Gold Cloth from the National Federation of French Culture.

Cornet-Patou is an artist of abstract pattern, happiest in her studio where she can breath in its joys and forget her troubles. She studied at the Beaux-Arts de Boulogne sur Mer and the Central Union of Decorative Arts (UCAD) in Paris, where she graduated as an Illustrator graphic designer. Her techniques are varied, having worked with oil painting and pastels, she has undertaken research on inks, varnishes, inlays and collage on aluminum. Her favorite artists are Cezanne, Hundertwasser and Jackson Pollock. The artist has exhibited in prestigious exhibitions such as the Salon d’Automne, the Salon des Independants and Art en Capital at the Grand Palais. She has also participated in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad, in particular in Belgium, Spain and Canada, and has received awards including the Silver Medal of the Arts Society, Science, Literature and the medal of silver Merit and French dedication.

Jean-Pierre Mosca has been practicing photography for 70 years. His favorite subjects are landscapes and portraits made during his travels, the architecture of towns and villages as well as aerial photography. Self-taught, he now devotes himself almost exclusively to photography, and with camera in hand has traveled the great Tunisian and Moroccan south, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Quebec, Guadeloupe, the Cape Verde Islands, Brazil’s Northeast, North Vietnam, Laos and China. The artist has exhibited at the Salon d’Automne in Paris, Bulgaria, China and Canada.

Eric Souliert : In 1980 Eric Souliert started work as a Graphic Designer, then as an Art Director and finally as a Creative Director in the most famous advertising agencies in Paris, where he creates visual concepts for prestigious brands such as Air France, Peugeot, L’Oréal and many others. In this creative environment, he works closely with the best photographers, film directors and illustrators of the time. These regular collaborations enriched his pallet of artistic expression, enabling him to familiarize himself with various communication tools such as photography, visual identity and video.

From 1997 to 2005 Éric produced mural paintings in various public places and communities in France and in the Caraibean Islands, his work being funded by public programs. Convinced that Art can play a mobilizing and therapeutic role, he shares his experiments with people with learning difficulties, by inviting them to take part in the realization of his frescoes.

Today, he continues to produce decorative mosaics as well as large frescoes, photographs and figurative portraits on commission. However it should be noted that it is through the great originality of his abstract work that he truly connects with his audience. An inspired painter of the contemporary art scene, Eric Soulier allows us discover the multiple forms of innovative abstraction that resonate with our inner questionings.