On February 8, 2014 the Sonnabend Gallery will open an exhibition of new works by Robert Morris.

The twelve works in the exhibition, completed between 2011 and the present, are from his new Hardwood series which revisits themes and forms Morris explored in his early plywood work of the 1960s such as arches, steps, tracks, and columns.

If these architectural references recall earlier, “minimal” themes, the precise facture and sensuous surfaces of walnut, maple and cherry of the present works have a completely different sense while continuing to be concerned with the body’s relation to scale and space.

To execute these works in hardwood, Morris worked with fabricator Josh Finn in High Falls, New York.

Sonnabend Gallery
536 West 22nd Street
New York (NY) 10011 United States
Tel. +1 (212) 6271018

Opening hours
Tuesday - Saturday
From 10am to 6pm

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  1. Robert Morris, Hedgehogs, 2013, European Beech, 61 x 74 x 74 inches, 154.94 x 187.96 x 187.96 cm
  2. Robert Morris, Box For Standing, 2011, Walnut, 77 x 12 x 26 inches, 195.58 x 30.48 x 67.31 cm
  3. Robert Morris, Installation view, Sonnabend Gallery, February 8 - March 15 2014