Centered in the era of the soul, Ángela Lergo offers us a vital and poetic journey by way of her bodily creations. Magic, human existence, nature and social commitment melt together in this installation where sculptures hide certainties that only the senses can experience.

An illusory beings, a melting pot of daydream, thought and fantasy are born In the inner world of this Sevillian artist. Enigmatic faces which, despite the apparent hermetic coldness of their stares and gestures, are fiercely human in their message. Fiction and reality, the artificial and the natural locked in mutual embrace. The nature and the identity of being is transformed into an aesthetic and communicative experience.

Naked bodies on which there sail surreptitious melodies, enigmas and shipwrecks, past and future memories, moments lived. Oniric springs which issue, apparently frail and delicate, the energy and strength of a powerful intimacy which wakes the unconscious. Unquiet serenity that tempts the hands, seduces looks or provokes the spirit of those that contemplate them. Images which flood the retina with an unreality inhabited by material beings with their own doctrine and creed.

Angela Lergo’s figures expand beyond the body and beyond the space in which they are contained. They ask no questions but they expect answers. They form no part in life, but they are not dead. They are the furtive guests of a paradise found where this provocative artist, this former of beautiful moments, started to mould and give shape, since many years ago and guided by the instinct that generates talent, the home of her art. There, beyond time, lies and reality, in the era of the soul.

Marta Borcha, Journalist and writer