Dina Mitrani Gallery is proud to present Marina Font's third solo exhibition in the gallery. Her newest series consists of photo-based, mixed media works that exemplify the artist’s continued exploration of the issues of gender, identity, and the woman’s body with all its shapes, forms, cycles and capacity. Having grown up in Argentina, a patriarchal society that placed much importance on psychoanalysis, Font learned that “Dark Continents” was how Sigmund Freud described female sexuality. This exhibition, which includes small and large format pieces as well as installations, explores the many facets, scientific and emotional, of women.

Her photographs of the woman’s physique are printed on poly-cotton and then embroidered with thread and yarn in symbolic patterns and mounted on wooden surfaces. At times, Font uses found objects such as doilies and buttons to represent the traditional roles of women in the home. The laborious manual application of fabrics and embroidery represent the artist’s expression of her emotional experiences. There are various works that are a series of photographs, or installations that refer to a woman’s cycles of fertility and how the biological phases are in constant shifting evolution. In her statement, Font writes, “Through this body of work, I am interested in unveiling metaphorically the truth beneath our surface, deeper than the external body, exploring and retracing what was once felt by it, as well as the complex relationship between reality and the memory that lives within.”

Marina Font was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1970. She studied at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Martin A. Malharro, Argentina. She spent the summer of 1998 studying photography at Speos Ecole de la Photographie in Paris, and earned her MFA in Photography from Barry University, Miami in 2009. She recently had solo exhibitions at The Consulate of Argentina in New York, The Deering Estate at Cutler, Miami and at Gato Gallery, Barry University. She has participated in group shows at The BOCA Museum of Art, The MoCA, North Miami, The Appleton Museum, Ocala, the Museum of Florida Arts, Deland and the Miami Center for the Photographic Arts. She was recently invited to participate in a Night at the Museum at the Bass Museum, Miami Beach, Spring Fling at Locust Projects and Abracadabra at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Her work is included in the Bunnen Collection, Atlanta, The Girl’s Club Collection, Ft. Lauderdale, the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami and various important private collections.