After a short winter break artisan, NW10s most creative corner welcomes Susan Austin to its walls. Since its launch in 2009, artisan continues to attract attention in North West London. The role of the gallery is to create a space which offers an opportunity for artists of many disciplines to showcase their work.

Susan Austin’s fascination with East Anglia has created a body of work which captures the very essence of the landscape. Susan says 'I have been visiting East Anglia for about 16 years to draw on the landscape for my artwork. When in London, I long to go back to the places I am accustomed to drawing. When I am in the landscape however, I become so completely absorbed that the drawings are a response to the moment, so immediate and intuitive ‘.

Over the years Susan has become more adept at identifying the sort of material she needs to bring back with her to inform the paintings. Susan continues to explore the drawings she has made on her trips to the East Coast, by expanding her range of techniques to represent the textures and tonal contrasts she finds in the East AngIian landscape. A wonderful place of ever-changing moods and colours.