Passing It On is an exhibition of engraving by the following artists: Malcolm Appleby, Kate Earlam, Miriam Hanid, Theresa Nguyen, Karen Marion Wallace, Max Warren.

Passing It On is inspired by Malcolm Appleby and showcases for the first time, outstanding work by five silversmiths who are currently trailblazing the world of engraving and who have all worked alongside Malcolm Appleby in his workshop in Aultbeag. Malcolm Appleby is known primarily as an engraver and considered to be one of the most original and highly skilled craftsman working in Britain today. His outstanding career spans 50 years, promoting engraving through his own work and providing opportunities for young engravers and silversmiths.

"This exhibition celebrates a new generation of artist-engraver makers, each one demonstrating their own approach to an ancient art skill that is proving its relevant in the 21st century. Snap shot inspirational visits to workshops were important catalysts to introducing me to making and engraving; art education gave time and widened horizons. It was the reality of practical workshops that helped so much with the foundation of my long lasting career. Passing on these experiences to young people, from children and through to postgraduate students, is an important continuation of my own early experience. In recent years students from Bishopsland Educational Trust have made annual visits to Aultbeag for a short week of intensive engraving, sometimes creating saleable engraved pieces within that week." - Malcolm Appleby, January 2014