Robert Fontaine Gallery, located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, will exhibit a survey of works by some of the most important leading visual artists associated with the rising street art movement. Robert Fontaine Gallery explores the global street/urban art movement and the evolution behind this visual language, which has moved from the murals in the streets to the contemporary gallery setting… Insiders will include original and edition works from both local and international artists: Banksy, Shepard Fairy, Anthony Lister, Dolk, RYCA, Know Hope, LOF, M-City, Mantis, Maya Hayuk, Beejoir, Brett Amory, David Walker, Olek, Pure Evil, Paul Insect, Space Invader, Retna, Simon Thompson, Nick Gentry, Penny, Billy Childish, Henrietta Harris, Jake Reller, Skewville, and more.

Insiders, is a term referring to how the global street art movement has advanced from the sidelines of the art world… eroding the walls between the gallery and the “streets as studio” setting… now… street art is supported by some of the most significant museums curators, galleries and collectors, thus becoming less of an outsiders club and more of a hugely significant force at a time when the art world is hungry for something more than references to the past. …. says Robert Fontaine, Gallery Director