The BBC Photography Club is one of most popular social activity groups at the BBC with members coming together regularly to discuss and hone their photographic skills at a variety of events and workshops.

The Club holds an annual exhibition of members' photos and is exhibiting at 5th Base Gallery for the second year running.This is the Club's seventh annual exhibition and it should be an engaging show from a diverse range of photographers, with members showcasing the best of their year’s work.

Entry to the exhibition is free and most of the photographs are for sale.

Participating artists: Fiona Ambrose, Rupert Brun, Roger Bulcock, Andie Butt, John Cannon, Simon Chirgwin, Chris Davey, Karen Hewis, Michael McKenna, Nigel Miggit, Mark Mitchell, Wendy Nowak, Richard Pucci, Kevin Roche, Stephanie Simmonds, Antony Smith, Miranda Terrey, Jared Thomas, Michael Thomson, Simon Thompson, Pasquale Tropea, John Winter.