White Columns is proud to present the first exhibition in the United States by the British painter Clive Hodgson (b. 1953.)

Featuring works produced over the past five years Hodgson’s essentially abstract paintings typically privilege both their date of making and the artist’s name or signature as prominent and recurring motifs.

Aligning the melancholic daily realities of On Kawara with a decidedly informal take on formalism – not unlike that of the late Raoul De Keyser - Hodgson’s paintings, in the words of artist Carol Rhodes “build to a concerted interrogation of the puzzles of art and life.”

Hodgson recently had a solo exhibition in 2012 at Carlton Place, Glasgow – a space founded by artists Merlin James and Carol Rhodes. White Columns presented Hodgson’s work at ‘Sunday’ in London and at NADA, Miami in 2013.

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