Sascha Bailey and Imitate Modern present ‘Wild at Heart’ by Russell Young. The exhibition, launching 27th March, features iconic figures from Marilyn Monroe to Marlon Brando to Muhammad Ali. Alongside these Hollywood heavyweights, we see British musicians Mick Jagger and Sid Vicious completing a collection that celebrates the golden years of celebrity culture.

‘Wild at Heart’ reflects the glamour of celebrity showcasing a selection of the dazzling diamond-dusted screen-prints that Young has become well known for.

These 'diamond dusted' screen prints are produced by pressing crystals into the enamel of the black and white paintings, creating an opulence as light catches the stones, flickering and momentarily distorting the image.

'Then light falls on the diamonds and the choir sings' - Russell Young, Artist

The colourful collection of Young's 'Pig Portraits' subtly question the nature of photography, portraiture and the doubled-edged sword of celebrity itself. Juxtaposed against his earlier portraits, these images are sometimes considered 'anti-celebrity', when in fact, they create a bold tribute, demonstrating a youth and rebellion that we can all relate to and appreciate.

Russell Young is a highly sought-after artist whose work can be found in the collections of many notable names including Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and David Bowie.

From the football terraces of Northern England, all the way to Hollywood, Young made a name for himself through photography, painting and directing music videos for MTV. He has long featured icons in his work, having photographed musicians including Morrissey and Bob Dylan; and referencing images of American stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

“Russell Young’s work reminds me of a time of real film stars and rock and roll, before the dawn of ‘celebrity’. A time when being famous was more about what you did, not who you know” - Sascha Bailey, Curator

“We are proud to present ‘Wild at Heart’, a showcase of Russell Young’s iconic artworks. With this exhibition we host our very own Hollywood Hall of Fame with a touch of British rock and roll, to bring both the glamorous and the gritty side of celebrity culture to Marylebone.” - Riia Carnegie, Gallery Manager