The magical transformation of gold into jewels is akin to the process of making a house from a tree. Using something natural and malleable to fashion bespoke jewels has been integral to Belmacz from the beginning. Without Gold there couldn’t be Belmacz jewellery.

The metal being used in a multitude of ways and techniques radiates and reflects and dazzles. Gold is quintessentially a cultural talisman and has been a key signifier throughout all the ages of man, with most epochs having a strong affinity with this precious commodity. A common trait in the civilisations and defining cultures have been jewels, objects, tokens and masks made from Gold. Unsurprisingly this highly sought after substance has been culturally significant for millennia. Its peculiarity is historical, eternal
and legendary.

Its glamour transforms and happily plays a lead role due to its character within the jewels at Belmacz. With real gold flecks dispersed through our decorative cosmetics, Belmacz beauty is also benefitting from it’s warm, elusive and gleaming Alchemic qualities.

As gold has been celebrated in extraordinary ways: Egyptian royal treasure to signify divinity, shown in the opening of the Tutankhamun exhibition at the British Museum in 1972, the legend of Eldorado which attracted conquistadores to search for the mythical gold dust in the last century in South America. The 19th century Gold Rush that turned into the Californian dream attracting prospective gold seekers and finally colonising the whole of northern America. Even the bible makes reference of a gift of Gold to the infant Christ.

This exhibition is the perfect platform to illustrate and showcase the use of this material in a modern context, examples of which are the: Tevas Bangle, Zeppelin Ring and the Bauhaus Studs as well as Belmacz Blitz eye colour.

Gold embodies the best & worst in human nature conjuring up images of desire & greed, a comic book signifier of treasure: a symbol of plenty. And yet it can also be as pure as Love and thus be used in wedding bands or a lover’s token.

The show aims to captivate and inspire as well as give insight into the wonders of Belmacz jewellery.