Milan, Saturday, March 22, will be inaugurated No Energy, the next solo exhibition of Lucio Forte at Orygma Ancient Shed in 34 Corelli street.

On display are some thirty paintings in oil and mixed media on canvas and wood.

The show is characterized by a pre-industrial lighting condition through the use of candles and fire.

All works are then accessible via an old lighting system, which leaves more possibilities to an oniric perceptive interpretation and resulting in the dim light the optimal condition for right part's brain activity, therefore a greater subjective immersion in the fluctuating balance between visible data and their mental translation.

Lucio Forte is an Italian artist (Milan, March 22, 1970 ). Its production of oil paintings begins at age of 7 and continues during his life in a continuous experimentation , with constant intermingling with other artistic disciplines such as architecture, comics and science fiction.
Ludovico Calchi Novati presents him as follow:

"Lucio Forte, coming from architectural studies, uses its own way of thinking and seeing the contemporary through painting compositions rich in color, minutely described in details and futuristic structures : they are his " spatial universes " in which a few characters represented in paintings are treated as characters, with no special duties, if not a presence inactive against a reality that overwhelms them . Visions that represent the world today, sometimes treated with cruelty, but always still actual.

But it is the light that overcomes these paintings that Lucio makes it appear and disappear with great painting technique, and it is the light that is always at the base of his constant research."

The exhibition in the total absence of electricity, opens Saturday 22 at 7 pm, until 11pm.

Orygma Ancient Shed
Via Corelli, 34
Milan 20121 Italy
Ph. +39 347 7686415

Opening hours
Daily from 3.30pm to 8.00pm