“Cio che resta” (“That which remains”) is the title of Paolo Grassino’s most recent work: a gigantic skull made of iron and corrugated pipe. The idea of “memento mori” or “dead mementos” seems to travel through the whole of Eduardo Secci’s new exhibition, althought the other works appear to have no direct reference to the allegory of death, that being one of the constants in Western art for the last two thousand years. In fact, they’re residues of fusion and metal concretions of “That which remains”(“Ciò che resta”) when, “that which matters”, is gone.

The hostile world that Grassino has made us grow accustomed to considering - with, for example, his large installation “Analgesia” in 2012 - now returns to address one of the Western taboos, perhaps the latest: death. It is a glimpse of the fears of our most recent reality (again, “that which remains”), but also an encouragement - to those few stoics, believers, or simply strong - to consider life’s heart and not just its colorful environment. (Taken from text in Marco Meneguzzo’s catalogue)

Paolo Grassino (Turin 1967) lives and works in Turin. His work offers a reflection on the drift of current society, suspended on the fence between natural and artificial, between insecurity and mutation. Above all, his work is a search that recovers the full meaning of the craft. Working with synthetic rubber, wood, wax and polystyrene, but also with more advanced techniques like fusing aluminum and cement castings, Grassino brings his sculptures to another level of spectacularity.

Among the most prestigious exhibitions, the presentation of his work “Madre”, at MACRO Rome and the Fourth Moscow Biennal (both in 2011). In the same year he participated in international exhibitions in public museums such as the Frost Art Museum in Miami and the St. Petersburg Loft Project ETAGI. In 2010 he took part in a retrospective exhibition at the Rivalta Castle (TO), and the previous year (2009) in the exhibition “Essential Experience” at the RISO Museum in Palermo. In 2008 Grassino has his essential solo exhibition in France at the Saint-Etienne Museum and was invited in the same year to the 15th Quadrienial Art Show in Rome. In 2005 he has his largest installation on the facade of Palazzo Bricherasio Foundation in Turin, and in 2000 Turin’s GAM dedicated to Grassino a solo exhibition.

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