Peter Powell is the founder of The Thrie Estaits which has been situated on Dundas Street, Edinburgh for over forty years. It is a specialist shop dealing in period objects and furniture for contemporary interiors.

Peter says he mostly gives pleasure to the stressed people going to and from the dentist! The Scottish Gallery is delighted to work alongside The Thrie Estaits to further enhance the gallery space with some carefully chosen curiosities this March.

Please come in and see the treasures we've unearthed. Works are for sale.

In the Thrie Estaits I buy a sycamore and mahogany salt-box, bowed like a miniature barrel; a child’s transfer on the lid “to be removed with care, using fine steel wool”. Waxed over it will come up as good as new - or old. Gift by Stewart Conn taken from Brunton’s Miscellany, 1979