Startling and beautiful photographic images, generated by releasing and exploding paint pigment in a 200 gallon water tank, are to feature in a one-man show at the prestigious Waterhouse & Dodd’s Upper East Side gallery in Manhattan from 2nd April to 6th May. Created by leading New York artist Kim Keever, the ‘Kim Keever: Abstracts’ exhibition represents a world first showcase for the latest series of photographs created by the artist in his New York studio.

Keever, whose works are represented in many of the major museums and collections around the United States, has developed a unique process through which he creates photographs that capture the explosions of color and form resulting from the release of paint pigments into his huge studio water tank.

“I’ve always lived near the water, whether it was the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Chicago or New York City. There’s a peaceful attraction to the flat rippling surface and the mysteries below. Once I started taking photographs of constructed landscapes submerged in water in a 200-gallon aquarium, I realized I had found my signature work as an artist,” he said.

Keever recently dispensed with the landscape elements altogether and started working only with colored paint pigment dropped into the water and photographing the event. “It is a very freeing process. I can explore color and form like never before, albeit through random events since I have very little control once the paint starts moving. Aside from the continued use of water in a tank surrounded by lights, I have reached a simplified culmination of the process,” he said.

“Existing collectors and new converts alike will find this show compelling viewing; Keever’s work is unique. His earlier landscapes are at first glance redolent of the Hudson River School and are more structured, while the new abstract images, with the paint dispersing through the water more randomly, are more colorful and modern,” said Ray Waterhouse, principal of Waterhouse & Dodd. “And they are so affordable, starting at around $3,000.”

Keever, who originally studied thermal engineering and worked with NASA, combines his knowledge of science with his artwork, allowing him to understand better the properties of the materials he is working with. His work is held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn; Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia and others. He currently lives and works in New York City.

Kim Keever. Abstracts will be at Waterhouse & Dodd Gallery, New York from 2 April - 6 May 2014. For more information about the exhibition visit